EDEN FORMACION Education Lleida Lleida
      University with recognized academic and social prestige. Founded in 1297.

      Individualized treatment. Dynamic and open. Affordable accommodation.

      Mandatory practices in all grades. Program of orientation and labor insertion to promote and facilitate the entrance to the labor market.

      Door to Europe, adapted to the European Higher Education Area.

First state university in leadership of research excellence in the area of ​​agriculture and biological sciences, according to the ICONO analysis (Spanish R&D observatory) of the FECYT, 2016.
First state university in reference to business studies and economics according to the first world ranking of universities of the European Commission (U-Multirank 2014)
Fourth state university in teaching quality and seventh in search productivity according to the ISSUE Ranking (Synthetic Indicators of the Spanish University System) 2015.
Second state university in reference to the percentage of excellence in leadership of its scientific production, according to the report of the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CyD) 2014.
Second most influential university in the world in Food Science and Technology according to the Thomson Reuters report on the state of innovation to 2015 based on publications to Web of Science.